Makai Wars v01.03.01 Mod Game

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Makai Wars v01.03.01 Mod Apk  - Risemara unnecessary and can start simple and easy handy simulation RPG
Held in tutorial Gacha to re-draw any number of times comes out until it hits a favorite character in the tutorial! !
If further now ★ 3 Freya's get!

■ Makai Wars The
2004, a character called "Asagi" as the "hero of his next" from ICHI Software was announced.
"Asagi" was supposed to fly to the world as a hero without incident. However, Asagi even after many years not be made the works of the hero, was the time has flow obsession of 13 years ……
And 2018 … finally Asagi delivery is the hero of the game "Makai Wars"!
Worldwide cumulative sales number more than 300 million units, "Disgaea" series and more than 600-million downloads total Sumahogemu "loose Dorashiru" is transcendence combined! ! Here in the united work of all time "Makai Wars" is born! !

■ Story
High school girl in the acclaimed enjoy the mundane day-to-day I can, morning mist Asagi
Peace and enjoy to have the One day, when I woke up in a strange dream … what there was "Makai"!
To suddenly appeared mysterious goddess "Freya", "Fight!" Or "You O God," said Toka, another very caught up in various things!
I do not know somehow well, not a will taro-or-Kuya' to the -! ! This is my story! ! !

Mod Detail :
1.) Weak Enemy Atk
2.) Weak Enemy Def
3.) Always Player Turn

NOTE: Don't abuse Auto win, Go levelup and upgrades your character first before goin further on story campaign

Download Link

Zippyshare | Dropload
origin on Google Play

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